JUL-042(Jav English Subtitle)The Magic Mirror Bus NTR Shocking Infidelity Videos Witnessing A Wife And A Boss Having Sex Saori Yagami

by javlegend

I have been married to Saori, a colleague of the company, for three years. It was our manager Mr. Ozawa who attracted us. However, the manager is still single, and he will also be my sesame seed for my promotion, so luckily, he will move to another house. So I took advantage, and I went with my wife to help him move his stuff. A few days after the move, the manager confessed to me that he was having an affair with my wife, Saori, through the magic mirror?! Jav english subtitle

Some Reviews:

・A new type of cuckold thing. The composition and scenario using the magic mirror are very wonderful. The actress is also outstanding in an erotic atmosphere.
・Saori Yagami’s acting is quite good. I also like the script, and how to use the magic mirror is a masterpiece.
・A realistic story using a magic mirror is good. However, it is difficult to understand the moment of falling, which is the real thrill of NTR. The actress has big breasts, but I think acting is normal, the entanglement is not aggressive.
・A true masterpiece. Ozawa-san again delivers a true masterclass performance. But the real winner in Nagae, his innovative ideas to present the same story is remarkable! BRAVO!!!

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Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: Nov. 25, 2019
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
ID: JUL-042

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