JUL-356(Jav English Subbed)Before The Wife Next Door Comes Home… Mio Kimishima

by javlegend

Movie Information:

Release Date: 23 Oct 2020

Duration: 118 mins

Director: Amazing Meat

Studio: Madonna

Mio Kimijima is a married lady who is not getting any action since her husband is working away most of the time and she is always alone, having to resort to just masturbation.

Mio also has a lady neighbor who is always boasting about her pregnancy, and she is getting quite pissed off about it. But it also didn’t escape her attention that the husband of the pregnant lady is not seeing any action either and this guy has been checking her out with lewd eyes.

So, once the pregnant lady is finally away Mio approaches the neighbor husband and brings him inside her apartment…

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