MIDE-777(Jav English Subtitle) When I Watched My Big Sister Getting Fucked By My Stepdad, I Got A Miserable Shotacon Erection Shoko Takahashi

Movie Information:

Release Date: 29 May 2020

Duration: 119 mins

Studio: Moodyz

Cast: Shoko Takahashi

Mom remarried this dude and things go well a while. However, Mom suddenly passed away, and just as fast the new Dad character completely changed.

He begins to channel his anger against the daughter (Takasho) and to the little brother. Especially to Shoko, who she begins to bang on a daily basis.

The little brother witnessed the abuse, and got a boner… Like Father like son. Because yes, its a new Shota series, by MOODYZ no less.

jav eng sub
jav sub


  1. JasonD

    Pls keep updating , thanks for this sub i just found out about your website, can you please try make sub with this video code AVSA 146/DVAJ 484/HZGD 140/PRED 269/HGOT 63 the actress is Honoka Tsuji and i really like her so im hoping if you can sub one of her videos. Thank you sorry for asking too much

    • rickiejay

      Thanks. I will try to sub those and we upload english sub daily

  2. JasonD

    Ohh yeah can you pls upload the 1080p version to download too? XD

    • rickiejay

      unfortunately only 720p is available for this sub

      • JasonD

        is it a requirement for you to upload? so the non-sub one has higher quality ? thanks for the reply

  3. Jin

    Yo man this is my first time ever commenting anywhere on porn site lol , you’re doing amazing work keep up bro

    Just a req can u sub more URE types? Or original collaboration porn ? They have the best stories

    • rickiejay

      Sure I will try my best to upload URE or Original collaboration type soon
      Keep visiting we upload daily.. It encourages us to post more

  4. javlegend

    There is a Download button
    i have checked its working fine

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