MIMK-083(Jav English Subtitle) Cuckolding A Wife Next Door With Aphrodisiacs: The First Collaboration Between Popular Manga Artist Ishito Yura And MOODYZ! Haru Kawamura

Movie Information:

Release Date: 29 Jan 2021

Duration: 148 mins

Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi

Studio: Moodyz

Cast: Haru Kawamura

Haru Kawamura is a beautiful married lady and the object of desire from the neighbor guy.

One day, the husband is gone on a business trip, and the neighbor takes the opportunity to make an approach on unsuspecting Haru.

With the help of some aphrodisiacs, he convinces her quickly. After all, she was already masturbating like crazy all by herself.

The video is good and makes Haru shine bright. The kitchen scene with the apron was so good. This series hardly ever disappoints and the following video with Haruna Hana (MIMK-084) promises to be really good as-well.

jav sub

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  1. JasonD

    Great plot, like the story pls more like this, with younger dude instead of old dude, and honoka tsuji eng sub pls the WAAA 12 one seems very interesting

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