Movie Information:

Release Date: 11 Feb 2021

Duration: 183 mins

Director: Inaball

Studio: Idea Pocket

Cast:Minami Aizawa

IPX-620 review – Some spoilers below –

IPX-620 is a very solid masterpiece and will maybe be one of the best movies from this year.

The production effort is remarkable, 3 hours of amazing scenes, good angles, and a very inspired Aizawa Minami.

What all the scenes have in common? Pantyhose fetish and Minami’s unrelenting domination =

  1. In the first scene, Minami is an English teacher. She speaks a lot of English with a very solid accent.
  2. In the second scene, she is an office lady subordinate that turns the tables on his loser boss.
  3. In the third scene, she is a random slut at a library.
  4. In the fourth, she’s a hooker visiting a customer at his house.
  5. And the last scene is ASMR. Completely unexpected scene and out of nowhere, but actually it was great and hope to see more like this.

All the scenes are solid and they offer a variety of fetishes and happening. It was remarkable the foot fetish, it was very nicely done.

Moreover, she puts her ass to good use with that incredible cowgirl position that she can do. She even offers a couple of very nice tricks, doing the cowgirl position sideways and against the wall.

Minami is crazy hot, she has good skills, can act, gorgeous face and body combo, speaks English. Truly there’s no other actress more perfect than Aizawa Minami.

Very good stuff. 5/5 movie.

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