Takayuki has been married for five years and has lived in a routine with his wife without children, One day, he witnesses his neighbor’s wife, Asahi, having an affair, Takayuki is captivated by Asahi’s sexual skills, and Asahi invites him on a trip to Hakone, but this trip is a trap set up by someone else.


Asahi is a great actress, with a great style and good acting. She gave a good performance in this one too, I learned the lesson that you should be careful about delicious invitations that do not fit your look. xD

Note: This Jav Eng Sub belongs to the credit. Thank you.

Info about Japanese porn movie:

Release Date: May. 21, 2018
Languages: Japanese.
JAV Subtitle: English.
Cast: Asahi Mizuno

asahi mizuno
jav sub
jav eng sub

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