JUX-496(Jav English Subtitle) Today, I Fucked My Brother’s Wife Misaki Honda

by javlegend

Movie Information:

Release Date: 26 Dec 2014

Duration:118 mins

Director:Rabbit Takesu

Studio: Madonna

Cast: Misaki Honda

Kenichi, the husband, and his wife, Misaki, return to their parents’ house where Kenji, the brother-in-law, lives by himself since his parents have moved to Singapore.
Kenichi and his wife, Misaki, are happy to see their family again after a long absence, but Kenji is excited in an entirely different way.
He had been obsessing over her like a stalker, stealing her underwear and sanitary products and collecting them! Then one day, something outrageous happened.  While cleaning Kenji’s room, Misaki found the collection…

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